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Demon is being written. After more than 13 months of radio silence from him, he finally let me inside and showed me his truth. His book is plotted and words are coming. But to be 100% transparent, this book is going to shred me. It’s something I’ve been preparing myself for but honestly, I don’t know if there is anything that could ready me. His story will be dark, raw and painful, and as his voice I will feel those emotions just as he does- just as I hope you will.

BUT WHEN???! I won’t be giving an answer to this question. While I do have goal dates for this book, I never meet my deadlines. Like, never-ever So to protect myself from the mental and emotional stress of missing said deadline, I’m taking my time. Simple as that. Any dates listed or mentioned are subject to change AT ANY TIME. 

This is the ONLY time I will be addressing the status of his “HEA”. When I first foreshadowed his book, the upset from readers was overwhelming. To be completely honest, the volatile backlash I received is what caused me to take a step back from diving into his book—and it was hard guys. It was really fucking hard. I felt (and still feel) like I was having to choose between giving my readers a lie but one that would put food on my family’s table or give them his truth and risk losing everything I’ve worked years for. And when it comes down to it, this may not be the book YOU wanted for him, but regardless of what WE want, this is HIS story and I will give it to him—no matter the price.


So, regarding the HEA- the ending will be subjective to the reader. Because the truth is, peace can be born from pain, and sometimes beauty is found among the ashes.

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