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After much consideration, I have decided to put a pause on writing and releasing Devoured By Demons.


Please don't panic, I SWEAR Demon and his HAPPILY EVER AFTER are coming..


BUT- the pressure I was putting on myself for his book, became a little more than suffocating. The entire series has been leading up to Demon's grand finale. Unfortunately, all of the pressure snuffed out the fire on my muse and my excitement to write this book. I convinced myself that no matter what I wrote, it wouldn't be good enough. 

So, in secret, I took a step back. I put Demon in the corner and opened myself to the possibility of new ideas, and muses.

And boy, they came FLOODING in. 

Realistically, I know that many authors write in multiple series at one time, or they may release a standalone not pertaining to their current works or series, but this was new territory for me–and your support, as my readers means more than you could ever know.


So, I talked to my reader group on Facebook, and asked their opinion on putting Demon to the side for now. The resounding response on my post was overwhelming to say the least. Their/your support for letting Demon come in his own time, and for this new series... I still have no words for how humbled I was and continue to be by all of their/your kind words of encouragement and support. 

That being said, I hope that you, the rest of my amazing readers also understand and support my decision. Thank you all for the constant love, understanding and support that you have given and continued to give me thus far. 

xoxo- Ashley