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The Heaven's Guardians MC


Washed In Blood


Blinded by anger, the man who had sworn to protect me,
shot me in a fit of rage when I was only sixteen years old.

He thought he killed me.
But my job wasn’t finished yet.

My days are spent as President of the Heavens Guardians MC.
Nights are spent searching for the scum of the earth.

Rapists, Murderers, Pedophiles.
They all answer to me.

I thought I’d seen it all.
Thought my heart couldn’t be any darker.
Thought I knew exactly how far I was willing to go.

Then a battered and broken woman was found behind our clubhouse,
and I realized, I’ve never had a clue about the monster that lurks within.

They may call me Priest,
but I’d sell my soul to the devil before I let anything take her away from me.

BOOK   1



Silenced By Sin


The smallest caskets weigh the most.
I lost myself the day I buried my daughter.
Her death was only the beginning of my downfall.

I will not play God.
As a doctor, the oath I took bound me.
As a father, only blood could set me free.

Pain is my prison.
With guilt my only companion,
I bought myself a life, Silenced by Sin.

You are not defined by your mistakes.
I refuse to regret the choices I’ve made.
I embrace them.

I will bow to no one.
Fear does not make me weak.
In the face of fear, I find my true strength.

I will rise.
With fire in my veins and embers in my soul,
I will give my daughter the life she deserves.

BOOK   2



Haunted By Regret



Haunted (adjective)- 
Preoccupied with an emotion, memory, or idea; obsessed.

It’s what happens to a man that loses his entire family.
The first years that followed their demise were the worst.

Determined to inflict even a fraction of my pain onto those responsible,
I paid them back the same way they paid me.
I was content to live out my days knowing justice was dealt at my hands.

Consumed with rage.
Obsessed with revenge.
Haunted by regret.

Years later, I take in two boys and suddenly it’s no longer only about me.

That’s where she comes in.
A broken nanny who heals us all.

BOOK   3


Betrayed By Beauty


Mirror mirror on the wall,
F*ck you.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
I wish it wasn't.

The first time my step-dad raped me,
I prayed for God to save me... he never came.

Instead, my savior came in the form of a Priest.
For years we've done God's bidding.

Blood coats our hands and souls,
Devilish deeds done in the Lord's name.

But changes are coming and our time is running out.
I'm not sure I'm ready,
Not sure I can face the man in the mirror when the mask comes off.

I'm drowning in the uncertainty of the future.
I need someone to save me.

I need them.

**This is a MMF love story with MM, MF and MFM themes.**

BOOK   4


Devoured By Demons


For years, I’ve waited.

For years, the hate inside me has grown,

manifesting into a rage so dark its demons consumed my soul. 


I didn’t fight it. 

I welcomed it.


The time has come. 

My brothers think they can save me. 


How do you save a man that’s devoured by demons?


You don’t.

BOOK   5

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