Silenced By Sin.jpg

Silenced By Sin
Heaven's Guardians MC
Book 2


The smallest caskets weigh the most. 

I lost myself the day i buried my daughter. 

Her death was only the beginning of my downfall. 

I will not play God. 

As a doctor, the oath I took bound me. 

As a father, only blood could set me free. 

Pain is my prison. 

With guilt my only companion, 

I bought myself a life, Silenced By Sin. 


You are not defined by your mistakes. 

I refuse to regret the choices I've made. 

Instead, I embrace them. 

I will bow to no one. 

Fear does not make me weak. 

In the face of fear, I find my true strength.

I will rise. 

With fire in my veins and embers in my soul, 

I will give my daughter the life she deserves.